1. Evidence based medicine: Office Practice
  2. Early intervention strategies are not effective in the long term
  3. Neuroplasticity: Recent advances in the science and art of brain growth.
  4. Talking & communication- Dealing with the challenges known & Unknown
  5. Evidence based physiotherapy practices for Indian setting
  6. Evidence based Approach to Orthopaedic and and Neuro Surgeries in Cerebral palsy: What to do & what not to do?
  7. Lessons from Special education- Redefining the current scenario in India
  8. Applying International classification of Functioning [ICF] fame work- where are we in India? Hare & Tortoise story.
  9. Functional classifications- What have they to offer for developing country scenario
  10. The Science of Orthotic Prescription- Principles, Types & uses in different impairments
  11. Cutting edge interventions for Cerebral palsy- futuristic trends
  12. How early can early diagnosis be?
  13.   Pathways in cerebral palsy antecedents -updating ourselves
  14.  Adults & Adolescents with cerebral palsy  – Challenges unheard.
  15. Too little too late-Our disability literacy efforts.
  16.  Parents’ perspectives on challenges of bringing up a child with Cerebral Palsy- Panel discussion . with parents.
  17. Office Practice in assessment management of children with developmental differences — the IDDEAmodule
  18. Communication Skills Cerebral Palsy across life span
  19. Special Educators: Individualised educational programme for children with cerebral palsy —overcoming barriers in special education
  20. Assessment & management of visual problems in cerebral palsy across lifespan
  21. Orthopaedic management of Upper limbs
  22. Behavioural problems- Identifications and tips for management
  23.  Neuro Development Therapy.
  24.  Recent Legislations-Rights of Persons with Disabilities.